Established in 2011

PT. Bratasena Jaya (BJ) has been offering pivotal business solutions as a marketing and distribution company for global factories and brands in penetrating Indonesia’s vast HOME and HORECA market. We distribute products to every major city in Indonesia and establish long term business relationships with our nationwide resellers. With a decade of experience, we are proud to have established strong sustainable market for our partnered brands, and will continue to innovate while adapting to ever-changing market challanges.

Our Vision

To be the most innovative distribution platform that effectively connects brands to market while creating long term profitability and market sustainability for partnered principles and resellers.

Our Missions

  • BJ continues to expand its product categories in order to offer one stop distribution platform while continuously digitalising the platform for productive and efficient marketing.
  • We offer extensive support to our resellers with product knowledge and after sales services while sharing modern marketing strategies to effectively reach our ever-changing market.


An effective business platform is developed from innovative minds but in order to achieve long term success, strong business relationships have to be built based on positivity, trust and mutual benefits.